Winners of the October IAB Poster Competition

Graduate Division (Four Categories)


1st Place Stephen Tedeschi

Poster: A Fundamental Approach To Improving Aerosol Dispersion, S. Tedeschi, N. Stevens, Y. Lee, Y. Rabinovich, K. Powers, A. Ranade, H. El-Shall, Age: 28, Hometown: Schenectady, NY, Undergraduate School: Alfred University, Undergraduate Major: Ceramic Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: Skiing, hiking, photography, mountain biking

2nd Place Chi-Yuan Cheng

Poster: Observation Of Gas Exchange And Single-File Diffusion In Peptide Nanotubes By Continuous-Flow Laser-Polarized Xe-129 NMR, Chi-Yuan Cheng, and Clifford. R. Bowers, Age: 31, Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan, Undergraduate School: Taipei Medical University, Undergraduate Major: Pharmacy, Hobbies/Interests: baseball, photography

3rd Place Yang-Yao Lee

Poster: Dispersion And Dissemination Strategies For Geltech Silica, Yang-Yao Lee, Stephen Tedeschi1, Kevin Powers, Arun. Ranade, Hassan El Shall, Age: 30, Hometown: Taiwan, Undergraduate School: Tatung University, Undergraduate Major: Materials Science and Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: Reading

Engineered Systems

1st Place Huimeng Wu

Poster: Super-stable Water-soluble Nanoparticles, Huimeng Wu, Shuo Yang, Jiaqi Zhuang and Y. Charles Cao, Age: 888, Hometown: China, Undergraduate School: Fudan University, Undergraduate Major: Material Science, Hobbies/Interests: Travel

2nd Place Amit Singh

Poster: Copper Coated Silica Nanoparticles for Odor Removal, Amit Singh, Vijay Krishna, Alex Angerhofer, Bao Do, Gavin MacDonald, Brij Moudgil, Age: 28, Hometown: Moradabad (India), Undergraduate School: IIT Madras, India, Undergraduate Major: Physics, Hobbies/Interests: Animation / Nanoparticle for Biomedical applications, SERS, Surface forces, Nanofabrication, Nanocomposites

Serge Maslov3rd Place Serge Maslov

Poster: Inorganic Powder Phosphors for Down-Conversion of Blue to White Light, Serge Maslov, Debasis Bera, Lei Qian, Paul H. Holloway, Age: 24, Hometown: Moscow, Russia, Undergraduate School: University of Florida, Undergraduate Major: MSE, Hobbies/Interests: Climbing, Hiking

Nano-Bio Systems

1st Place Kerri-Ann Hue

Poster: Nanocomposite Vandium Pentoxide for Visible Light Photocatalysis, K.A. Hue and H. El-Shall, Age: 26, Hometown: Lynn, MA, Undergraduate School: MIT, Undergraduate Major: Materials Science and Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: Teaching, Reading, Sleeping

2nd Place Elanor Pinto

Poster: In Vitro MIN6 -Pancreatic Cell Toxicity of Sustained Release Loteprednol Etabonate Encapsulated PLA Microspheres, E. Pinto, B. Zhang, S. Song, N. Bodor, G. Hochhaus, Age: 27, Hometown: I guess Ocala, FL, Undergraduate School: University of Florida, Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: Reading, movies, plays, musicals, dancing

3rd Place Huong T. Le

Poster: Design and characterization of polymeric nanoparticles containing conjugated phospholipase A2 for non-viral gene delivery, Huong T. Le, Andrew Burzynski, Jeffrey Hughes, Age: 32, Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam, Undergraduate School: Hanoi College of Pharmacy, Undergraduate Major: Pharmacy, Hobbies/Interests: Research, Reading, Traveling, and Shopping.

Soft Systems

1st Place Bret Howell

Poster: Uptake of amitriptyline and nortriptyline with liposomes, proteins, and serum: implications for drug detoxification, Brett Howell and Anuj Chauhan, Age: 24, Hometown (before Gainesville): China Grove, NC, Undergraduate School: North Carolina State University, Undergraduate Major: Chemical and Textile Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: Long distance running, Gator and Wolfpack sports, Westside Baptist Church

2nd Place Yash Kapoor

Poster: Ophthalmic drug delivery using surfactant laden contact lenses, Yash Kapoor and Anuj Chauhan, Age: 27, Hometown: Lucknow, India, Undergraduate School: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITKanpur), Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Playing various racquet sports.

3rd Place Lindsey Riemenschneider

Poster: Condensational Amplification: An Innovative Method for Enhancing Airborne Virus Sampling, Lindsey Riemenschneider, Chang-Yu Wu, Jin-Hwa Lee, Dale Lundgren, Hsing-Wang Li, Alex Theodore, Joseph Wander, Brian Heimbuch, and Jacqueline Hodge, Age: 24, Hometown: Ukiah, CA, Undergraduate School: University of California, Davis, Undergraduate Major: Civil Engineering, Hobbies/Interests: reading, travelling, ultimate Frisbee

Undergraduate Division (one category - Best Overall):

1st Place Jared Goodman

Poster: Comparing Neurotoxicity of Various Nanoparticles, Jared Goodman, Jonathan Wang, Firas Kobeissy, Meghan O'Donoghue, Stephen F. Larner and Kevin K.W. Wang, Age: 16, Hometown: Gainesville, FL, High School: Oak Hall School, Undergraduate Major: n.a., Hobbies/Interests: Football, Tennis

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